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Azana Hotel Management is a global hotel, catering and restaurant management consulting firm. We are the trusted advisor & operator to the nation’s leading hospitality business, the team polayer is dynamic, innovative and creative young talented team. Posses more than 30 years experience in the hotel & restaurant industry in Indonesia, Singapore, Hongkong and The Netherlands. We work with leading organization across the education, online reservatiion, public and social sectors.


Our scale, scope, and knowledge allow us to address problems that no one else can. We have deep functional and detail hospitality industry expertise as well as analytical for maximum profit each.  We are passionate about taking on immernse challenges that matter to our clients and often to the nation. We work with our clients as we do with our colleagues. We bring out the capabilities of clients to participate in the process and lead the on going work.


The collection of Indonesian finest hotels, a remarkable group of people with high passion which make wonderful properties. Owners, stakeholders, general managers and all staff are the key of these remarkable and exceptional experience of the properties throughout the country. We aim to promote the success of our members within our values and idealism for all stakeholders of Azana Hotel Management. 


“Together we captive GROWTH and SUCCESS”



Be the stars of the indutry, exceptional and personalized service, exceed expectation and inspiried a connection to our costumer with the experience. Azana Hotel Management as the leader for management consultant in hotel and restaurant industry, the choice of the franchisee, owners, employee and profitable company for its shareholders. Develop and promote the region potentially all over the country.


We work with passion and sincerity, the exceptional hotel management consultant which create value in every aspects for our investor and management. We inspire moments of optimism and happiness, diffierentiate the products amongst others. We recruit and develop the best talents to maximize the profit and return capital.


Become the preffered hotels with up to date collection and develop a significant network of profitable hotels.



Soft Opening Facade Hotel By Azana di Tawangmangu Karanganyar, Ini Harga Promo dan Fasilitasnya

Salah satu tipe kamar Deluxe yang ada di Facade Hotel. KARANGANYAR – Facade Hotel by Azana Hotels and Resorts hadir dengan

Front One Cabin Slamet Riyadi Solo Akan Diresmikan 8 Juli 2019, Azana Yakin Okupansi di Atas 90 Persen

SOLO – Dicky Sumarsono, CEO Azana Hotels & Resorts, memastikan Hotel Front One Cabin (FOC) Slamet Riyadi Solo akan resmi dibuka

Azana Bangun 200 Unit Frontone Cabin Kurun Waktu Setahun

CEO Azana Hotels and Resorts, Dicky Sumarsono memberikan sambutan Acara Gathering & Halal Bihalal, bertujuan untuk semakin mengakrabkan dan menumbuhkan