Dining at Azana Asia Hotel Cilacap

Andaru Restaurant

Enjoy our signature dishes from local to international and creative beverages at Andaru Restaurant by Azana Asia Hotel Cilacap. Savor fresh local produce cooked by our talented chef . Discover an unforgettable taste and place with us.

Every Day 24 hours

Sop Seafood Kelapa Muda

Mix seafood (squid, shrimp, fish) soup mixed with young coconut and spices, and special seasoning with a slightly spicy taste served with young coconut shells


Special sushi from the talented and professional Chef from Azana Asia Hotel Cilacap which has an unrivaled delicious taste.

Steak Lover's

A delectable menu designed to captivate your senses with an exquisite and mouthwatering symphony that indulges your palate.

Asia Lounge And Bar

Asia Lounge and Bar is styled warmly interiors, cozy couches and stylish bar. Our talented bartenders bring you higher level and unforgettable feelings. Herb water, fresh fruit, and special pairings blend together creating a one of a kind mocktail you may not find anywhere else. Our drink is perfect treatment for your tongue and eyes.

Every Day 24 Hours

Azana Greentea Caramel

The combination of Green Tea with caramel topping on top really tempts your thirst

Dragonfruit Yakult

The combination of dragon fruit and yakult prepared by our bartender is very delicious to enjoy during the day

Sweet Autum's

Your drink of choice when you feel like you're losing energy and need refreshment. Sweet autum'n menu is perfect for you to enjoy.

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Jl. Gatot Subroto No.120, Wanasari, Sidanegara, Kec. Cilacap Tengah, Kabupaten Cilacap, Jawa Tengah 53223


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